Frequently Asked Questions

Yes fitting is very easy, cladding is designed as a DIY product and as long as youget the first one straight you shouldn’t encounter any problems. Please see our ‘How to install video on the home page.


All of our cladding are tongue and groove and click together in a similar way to flooring.


Yes all of our cladding is specifically made for wet areas such as bathrooms, showers and wetrooms – you can run a bead of silicone down the lip before clicking the next panel in if you wish but it is not really necessary.


The panels can be glued on to any flat clean surface using solvent free adhesive or silicone. You can also put directly on top of existing tiles.

When fitting to a ceiling you can panel pin down the lip to fix to wooden battons or glue directly to ceiling ( we recommend adding a few panel pins to lip to defy gravity whilst the glue is setting).


You can run a bead of silicone around your bath or shower tray but we also sell a Cladseal trim which is ideally made for this purpose.


Do Not Use Abrasives – We recommend warm soapy water and a soft cloth – Much the same as cleaning windows


This is the thickness of the panel. They are both of good quality.


Most of our panels come in 2.6m lengths (average room height) therefore you only need to measure the walls you want to cover from left to right, choose the panel you want, take note of the panel width and work out how many you will need – If you have any problems please call the office for advice.


Average 1 for every two panels-so for 16 panels 8 glue


No, if you can get a nice clean neat finish without them but it makes the job look much more professional.


I'm interested in a new bathroom!

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